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Summer's Desire-Taiwan Drama-Segera Tayang di Indosiar

Okeh, menyambut akan ditayangkannya Summer's Desire besok di Indosiar sebagai ganti You're Beautiful makanya dengan semangat aku membagikan beberapa fanvid yang aku suka di youtube. Pokoknya aku ucapin thank you so much dah...

credit :talkingpigvicky@youtube

Video itu menggambarkan betapa Ou Chen cinta mati sama Xiao Mo. Yah meskipun Xiao Mo dingin dan kasar sama Ou Chen dan kadang-kadang Ou Chen juga kadang-kadang sok dingin dan kasar. Tapi sebenarnya Ou Chen selalu berusaha menyelamatkan Xiao Mo. Keren banget dech si Ou Chen..Auuuu Peter Ho..You're so hot......
Bukan cuman nunjukin Ou Chen yang sering nyelamatkan Xiao Mo, video ini juga nunjukin Ou Chen yang cemburuan dan egois.

credit : MVTeeVee@youtube

Yupz, videonya hampir-hampir mirip githu dech...

credit : Xcut33@youtube

I really like this video. Benar-benar keren banget. Di video ini nunjukin cintanya Ou chen tapi dengan yang lembut banget. Benar-benar buat semua cewek membayangkan punya cowok seperti Ou Chen.

credit :wiwitiansu88@youtube

Video ini yang nyanyiin si Barbie Hsu di serial ini juga. Kan ceritanya dia penyanyi githu awalnya. Ntar lama-lama dia mulai jadi model terus jadi artis dech...Sebenarnya agak kurang suka karena ada kissing scene antara Luo Xi dan Xiao Mo endingnya. Mengingat kissing scene Xiao Mo dengan Ou Chen dikitnya minta ampun.

Oh yah, aku baru jalan-jalan ke LI lagi nich. Nah dari temanku di sana sweetflinn@lautanindonesia aku mendapatkan ini dan mau membagikan dengan semuanya :
Luo Xi losing Xia Mo was something that would have happened, not accidental; even if it wasn't because of Xiao Cheng it would have been for some other reason. Xia Mo and Luo Xi are too similar; they are too insecure, and they desperately need security. But the slight difference between them is that for Luo Xi it's his past of being abandoned that makes him afraid of being abandoned again; while for Xia Mo it's the continual loss of the people she depended on that makes her lose faith in other people's intentions and abilities thus only trusting herself. As for Ou Chen, even though on some level he does have his own insecurities, it is mostly based on his assumption that Xia Mo doesn't love him, not his nature. Because of his family riches, he usually gets what he wants and is in control of most situations. Thus he doesn't have that unreasonable sense of insecurity and can give others security. Xia Mo shouldn't have gone to plead Ou Chen for the "Battle Flag" movie, and Luo Xi did have a right to be mad. Initially I felt that Luo Xi's overreaction to Xia Mo seeing Ou Chen was unreasonable and that he was the one who pushed her to Ou Chen. But on reading again, I realized that Luo Xi was mad at his own helplessness in the past, and Ou Chen's wealth that caused him to be the one abandoned. Now that he's a big star, he wants Xia Mo to recognize his abilities and depend on him, to fight his own battles instead of being pitied. Quoting from someone, "women want love, men want respect." Although men usually wants both, Xia Mo only considered the love part but failed to give Luo Xi the respect he wanted. Xia Mo thought that by pleading Ou Chen because she loved Luo Xi, she could make up for her past mistakes when she didn't stand up for him and insist that he stayed. But she forgot to consider Luo Xi's current status and neglected his wishes, which is why Luo Xi did have a reason to be mad. He reacted the way any jealous lover would react, but it was Xiao Cheng's kidney failure that drove things into a different direction. As for Luo Xi's initiation of a breakup, there is no right or wrong; but if it were Ou Chen in that situation he would never have mentioned breaking up. When Ou Chen gets hurt, he takes whatever that comes; he believes he can solve everything, no matter how desperate he get, no matter how much he is being hurt, he doesn't give up. He would choose to move forward and keep fighting for what he wants even if he ends up in more pain. But when Luo Xi encounters the possibility of getting hurt, he pulls out his defenses and hides in his own shell, forcing others away like a porcupine. Ou Chen doesn't like to express his concern for others, he doesn't let Xia Mo know that he makes the gifts personally, he doesn't answer her calls when she wanted to plead for Luo Xi to stay as he didn't want her to know her words can easily sway him, he got into that car accident because of Xia Mo's words that she would only forgive him if he died but told her it was an accident, etc. Luo Xi likes to show off his concern, afraid that people wouldn't know of his deeds, the words he said to his mother before he was abandoned, his outwardly performance in the different homes and in the orphanages, the things he says to Xia Mo as they dated, calling Xia Mo when he committed suicide to stop her from getting married, etc. While Ou Chen is afraid of letting others know of his care and concern, Luo Xi is afraid people wouldn't know of his concern for fear of being abandoned. This is the traits that were determined by the environment they were born into, there is no right or wrong. Perhaps if the Xia Mo was a outgoing, passionate, expressive character she would be more likely to feel for Luo Xi's insecurities as opposed to Ou Chen's inexpressive overbearing personality. Coming back to the breakup, Luo Xi's instinctive reaction whenever there's a possibility of danger is to protect himself, which is why he chose to initiate the breakup instead of being the one abandoned first. As for Ou Chen's "you are mine" personality, he would never choose to let go in the same situation. Something similar to this situation did occur to Ou Chen after they got married; when he saw Xia Mo and Luo Xi's goodbye hug, his reaction was to keep quiet, using his silence as a way of showing his anger. Xia Mo tries to explain but he refuses to listen, he may be hurting but he doesn't feel like he was abandoned or felt like he should give up. Instead he forces her onto the bed [which wasn't right granted they were married] and tries desperately to find a way of closing their gap so she wouldn't leave him. In both situations, Xia Mo was innocent, she tries to explain and make things right when the ones she love. But both men believe that Xia Mo loves the other, and they were the third parties keeping them apart. Luo Xi's reaction was to push her away, but Ou Chen's reaction was to pull her in. And of course even though in the end Ou Chen didn't force her into doing anything, Xia Mo was willing as well, but he still feels guilty and wanted to give her her freedom. That's the difference between Ou Chen and Luo Xi's thoughts and actions. For someone like Xia Mo with her insecurities and distrust, she really doesn't suit Luo Xi. She is a cold distant person, we can't expect her to act like some saint Mary and warm Luo Xi's heart no matter how he throws his tantrums. Only someone like Sheng Qiang who can love him unconditionally even though he doesn't love her back can give him the security he needs. As for Xia Mo's personality developed in self-defense from her circumstances, only someone like Ou Chen can stand her distant hurtful spikes because he would never leave her no matter how much he ends up getting hurt. Xia Mo and Luo Xi are like two concave puzzle pieces, they need security; and Ou Chen is like a convex puzzle piece who can give security. The ending of the novel is not because Luo Xi is not good enough, but because they are not suitable. Ou Chen has that missing personality Xia Mo does not have, thus they can fit together. It is their characters that determined their fate.

credit : soompi

Nah dari situ dijabarin kenapa Ou Chen lebih cocok dengan Xiao Mo. Yah memang Luo Xi punya cinta yang penuh gairah dan tulus, tapi dia merasa tidak aman. Rasa tidak amannya membuat dia tidak percaya Xiao Mo dan malah mendorong Xiao Mo pergi. Beda dengan Ou Chen yang rela disakiti berkali-kali karena dia memilih mati dibandingkan tidak dapat bersama Xiao Mo.

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  1. Siiipp bgt nech drama..
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  2. izin copy paste ya,
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  3. . boleh donk kalau summer's desire di tayang'i lagi di indosiar .. :)