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Menampilkan postingan dari Februari, 2015

The Sweetness of JjongAh Couple

This couple really sweet.  Eventhough this couple had to face many problems and haters. But this couple are really strong because they support and trust each others. That's why shipper and WGM staff believe them.

Ahyoung : Do you have any dream about marriage ? Jonghyun : I want to have relationship just like having a friend. Ahyoung : Me too. Have a good and fun relationship. Eating good meal and just wandering around.

Ahyoung : Oppa, when do you miss me most ? Jonghyun : From time to time. Jonghyun BRI : When I eat good food or I see food that looks good. You know Ahyoung eats well. So I think she'd enjoy it. How much of this could she eat ? That's what I think.

Jonghyun to Ahyoung in his proposal at Ulsan : Just like now, let's having fun like two friends.
Jonghyun to Ahyoung in their 200 Days : Let's get along well.

Ahyoung Interview : It's not like a total break up just because the program is over. We'd still contact each other.
Jonghyun Interview : It's not…