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Menampilkan postingan dari Juni, 2015

Hang Out with Dita

Yeah... Today June 6th 2015 meet up again with Dita. We had lunch together at Renjiro Kuu.
Really. So happy meet up again and we really chit chat alot today.

Starving for Japanese food.

Hahahahahaha we ordered 6 portions of meals. And we really ate all. Omona... Suddenly I'm starving for the food again.

Girls Day Out with Nancy

Last holiday June 2nd 2015 I did hang out again with Nancy. We had lunch together, shopping and pedicure medicure. So have a fun time together. The last, we had dinner Bakso Kampung. We did hang out from the hedonism mall life going down to simple yummy street food.
Have Lamb Chop together. Gain more fat. We didn't care.

Next we did shopping. I took picture for new items that I bought.

My team and me

Hohohoho... We did something funny yesterday... June 3rd 2015...
Next pindah tempat ke ruangan Pak Bambang, menggunakan HP aku ini. Running test buat photo selca ceritanya.

Hang Out with my Nancy

Hehehehehehe... Before we did meet up at Pekan Baru with her officemate. We had dinner at Pizza Hut that time 😊

Really miss Jjong and Ahyoung

Yeah... I heard news about Solim Couple end their virtual marriage. Hhhhhmmmmm, may I have a hope to get Jjong and Ahyoung re-married. Yeah like Alex and Shin Ae did in season 1. I hope in this re-married, Jjong of course more relax, yeah they have knew each others. Yups that's only my own hope maybe.

Look what they did in airplane to their way to Bali.

Their first selca in their honeymoon, May 29th 2014, one day after their marriage May 28th 2014.

Omona... Seriously this photo looks so intanse. Sexy. Dunno why, but I feel butterfly in my stomach when I look this picture.

Jjong was really happy when he took this photo. Hahahahahahahaha... Look Ahyoung's scared smile....

Nah bagian ini dipotong sama tim produksi WGM. Selca di Ulsan Tower. Untuk merayakan ulang tahun Ahyoung, Jjong mengajak Yura ke Ulsan dan di Tower itu Jjong propose Ahyoung.

Ini adalah malam pertama mereka tidur bersama. Hehehehehehehe... Yeah, dalam rangka pemotretan mereka pergi ke Jeungdo. Nah malamnya, Jjong pre…