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Behind The Scene - Joo Won & Uee

cr : yongseohaejusaeyo@youtube

Kalau ndak salah mereka membicarakan tentang first kiss mereka di ep 36. Kalau menurut Joo Won sich seperti ciuman anak SMP, yang ndak bergerak sama sekali, benar-benar kaku. Hehehehehe, mendengar ini aku merasa lucu banget. Jadi secara tidak langsung, dia mau kiss yang passionate sama Uee yah? Hehehehehehe..

Ini ada gambaran dari :

NAR says normally TH shows overflowing charisma but in front of J, TH changes into an innocent/docile person. And recently he found the courage to confess he likes J. but J’s answer to this confession was vague – “yes. Go” to TH who never once dated, this was a harder problem (to solve) than a math problem. From that day on, he officially started stalking/following J around and showed up wherever she went. That was Hwang TH’s way/method of loving. NAR asks Uee: how did you feel (about him following you around)? Uee laughs and says: I am sick and tired of it. Joowon is standing behind her so camera guy points out the way Joowon’s eyes are looking now so she turns and looks back and says to Joowon “I told them I was sick and tired of it-will you stop following me around?” and Joowon looks hurt and says: you said you were sick and tired of me? Oh really (like how could you) he comes closer and says : how could you – girls are like this.

NAR: but the way TH and J look on the film set, they don’t look that tired of each other. Uee is laughing as Joowon says something to her. Uee talks with Joowon standing right behind her. Uee: he is really innocent cuz he doesn’t know how to love so he just follows (me) around, when he gets angry - he gets mad. Doing these things I think they are really Hwang TH’s charm (attractive qualities)

NAR: did TH’s innocent charm get through? Not long ago TH and J couple had their first kiss. The “freeze kiss.” (they show footage of the kiss) Joowon: a lot of people said it was a “choding=childish” kiss – cuz there was no movement. He laughs and so does Uee. Joowon explains: for TH it was the first time TH kissed someone he loves so there is was no need to move a lot so he did that “childish” kiss. Don’t junior high school students these days do that? Uee turns around and asks why he is making this rated R during this program. Joowon gets defensive and says what’s so rated R about light kissing. NAR says cuz this isnt just any kiss.

NAR says how there is always someone who causes waves for the couple. He introduces KJ as the one who is feeding fire to TH’s jealousy. KJ explains how TH is his younger step brother so there is jealousy. I also really like J cuz of her bright side (bubbly personality) (he means KJ has feelings for J) Because these two people are so in love I wonder “is it ok for me to get in between them”

NAR talks about the scene where TH asked J for a date (for lunch) but got turned down like this. TH is not someone who is going to stand still for that. He chased her all the way to the sauna and competed with KJ to see who can drink more persimmon vinegar. NAR says sarcastically: what’s so hard about that. the two of them sure can drink sour stuff well –the two of them are impressive.

Uee: often when I think about it – they aren’t fighting over me –it seems like they are fighting over their pride so since I am in the middle it puts me in a difficult situation. Joowon adds: I can understand TH – for real (he looks into the camera and asks the camera guy this) – will you think about it once? Do you have a girlfriend? Are you married? If you have a girlfriend and that girlfriend goes to a zoo or sauna with another guy…Uee interrupts and says how Joowon is always doing this – asking other staff about their opinions about his actions. Joowon keeps talking and says: in that situation most men will be angry. Uee says to him: look here – I am doing an interview. NAR tells Joowon to calm down cuz he got too worked up. LOL

cr : yongseohaejusaeyo@youtube

Kalo yang ini aku suka buanget dech.. Joo Won so sweet dech sama Uee, dia care abiez sama Uee..

Ini dari lagi :

There is a question on the screen (my guess is which couple is the best on OB) so JooWon answers: isnt it TH and JE couple? Uee giggles. Joowon asks her: that couple is really good-how about you since you’ve been watching well. Uee: I like them. JooWon: been having fun watching them but I am the youngest. Uee: but you are the tallest. Narrator says TH and J couple’s love elicits the most interest from the viewers. Joowon is doing some kind of shuffling dance that he is showing Uee so she sort of mimics him too. Narrator says she heard they have a special filming today so they went on set. Uee: I am soooo looking forward to it cuz oppa sings so well so it’s so great that I get to hear it live. Joowon: there is trouble. Camera guy says to Joowon: you must feel burdened. Joowon: there is burden and also it’s not like I got to practice singing for a few days –since it’s cold I cant think of the lyrics –my mouth is frozen too so I will do my best. Narrator says today’s shooting is an event to serenade J. narrator asks Uee: how did you feel in that moment while listening (to him sing). Uee says she was moved –it wasn’t a scene where I was supposed to cry so much but I was touched so I think I cried more–I think I was really moved by it and it was great hearing him sing – he is so good at singing. She gives him a thumbs up.

Uee: I liked it a lot. Cuz I have the interest of both guys. Jwoon: for me I really feel the jealousy I am supposed to feel in the role and filming it as is (feeling that). Narrator asks how are TH and J couple for real on set? She says for Uee’s sake, Joowon keeps an eye on the monitor (meaning: to check everything is going ok or was shot ok so she doesn’t have to do another take). Uee stands there saying how cold it is so Joowon walks over and touches how cold her hands are and buttons up her jacket more. narrator says they are busy taking care of each other on the set normally –in the drama, maybe there aren’t acting? (while Joowon was buttoning her up I think she was muttering it would be harder to take off later when she has to film but he just shook his head and kept buttoning)

Uee: he jokes a lot and since TH oppa is the only one I can comfortably ask –when I first went on set to shoot, I didn’t even what “1,2,3” so he taught me a lot of stuff like that. Uee: it’s going to be a love that makes your heart ache soon, even though we are a couple that just got started –my dad will show up and I don’t know what will happen exactly but I think it might become a love that makes your heart ache.

MS and TS have an NG for their almost kissing scene so TS complains she spit on him. The comedian who acted as TS’s blind date used her whole body to wiggle and squirm and gave him strange stares so he laughed and there was an NG. SY had an NG cuz her lines got jumbled. TS got an NG cuz his lines were jumbled. The king of NG’s that the actors chose as number one is….RSH (TB) he is playing a reporter so he has a lot of lines about the news and he gets an NG for forgetting his lines, his tongue got twisted so NG, TB says sorry cuz he did it without looking at his lines so there is second NG for forgetting his lines. TB asks if he should do it by reading his lines (like from a promptor or cue card) and goes again. just when they thought he was slowly and naturally saying his lines…but he couldnt see the lines so 3rd NG. then a person walked by behind him so a 4th NG. and he succeeded in his 5th try. LOL – poor guy.


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