Sungkyunkwan Scandal Ep 16 + preview ep 17

SJ carries YS from the water, loosens up her clothing to see parts of her breasts, he cannot believe his eyes and is still in shock.

JS is with the two IS's friends, questioning them what they are up to? He pushes them to edge of the rock next to the fall. They all get scared and try to give him their excuses for following YS.

YS stirs awake coughing, SJ sits beside her looking confused. YS sees her loosen clothing, startled, she turns her back on SJ and hurriedly adjust her clothes. SJ lets out 'Are you a girl?'

At that moment, the SKK threesome are walking along the path coming their way. YS is frightened and tries to adjust her clothes as fast as she can. SJ keeps on looking at her, then he looks up at the coming threesome, he then hurriedly grasps her hands and pulls her away. The threesome are standing on the top of the rock talking, they are looking for YS.

Underneath the rock is where SJ and YS are hiding together. YS is in his arms, her head rests on his shoulder. SJ looks down at her and he tightens his arms around her prossessively (this resembles the scene in the first episode only this time he knows that she is a girl). The threesome don't see YS there , they walk away.

JS makes the two of IS's friends floating down in the water while he berates them, obviously threatening them for YS's safety.

After their friends leave, YS tells SJ she must be get going but SJ pressures his hand on her shoulder to stop her.

JS, after he is done with the two, runs to the creek and calls out for YS but he cannot find her. He runs back to where students are camping and asks around for YS but nobody knows. YHa walks to him and tells him not to worry about YS, JS asks him where she is. YHa tells him that YS is with SJ. JS is startled, YHa tells him to go after her if he is that worried. JS says if that the case, he is not worried and walks away, but YHa knows better.

Apparently, SJ takes YS to his room at his new school. YS is changing into SJ's dry clothes, SJ is waiting outside. She calls out to him when she is done, SJ walks into the room. SJ tells her to sleep here tonight and he will sleep outside and start to leave. His servant comes in not letting him out, he tells YS to take his young master back to SKK with her, adds that SJ is sick. YS is worried and asks "SJ, are you sick?" The servant tells her that SJ doesn't sleep at night, doesn't eat, his mind is always somewhere else thinking about someone, it's called lovesick. YS hears that, looks at SJ, feeling embarrass.

SJ, feeling awkward, tells his servant to stop talking and trying to leave the room. The servant jumps out of the room and locks the door from outside, chanting to his young master to discuss and get it over with YS and go back to SKK. He asks YS to talk to SJ and takes him back. With they both lock together in the room, SJ lowers his voice telling his servant behind the door that there is only one blanket inside. The servant doesn't take it seriously that he should manage and leaves.

At the camping site, students start the camp fire and relaxing. JS lies down nearby, YHa walks over and teases him about his feeling, he asks him whether he likes YS. However, he ensures JS that SJ doesn't know her secret.

SJ is so stiff inside the room with YS. He sits at the table and turns his back to YS. She asks him why he is not lying down. He counters that he doesn't feel like going to bed and tells her to go to sleep. So she lies down with the blanket then she decides she is not going to sleep now either. She gets up to find something to read from his book shelf. She picks one book and opens it, turns out to be the red cover book YHa gave SJ earlier. She flips through pages, looking at the explicit pictures and starts getting angry at SJ. SJ, all this time, turns his back to her, so he answers her without knowing.

SJ turns to see the book in YS's hand, so startled, he crosses over and trying to take it away from her. YS doesn't let go, so they both fall on the blanket with SJ on top. SJ gets up as fast as he can and away from her feeling awkward.

Later that night, YS is sleeping inside the blanket while SJ sleeps further away on the floor without blanket. YS looks at SJ, she gets up and puts the blanket over him. He wakes up and says it's okay meaning her to take it back. He gets up, YS walks over to her sleeping place and says it's okay for her, then she rolls herself over and over taking the floor-blanket with her. She is now totally cocooning inside the blanket. SJ lets out his smile.

SJ asks her since when she hides her beautiful face disguised as a man? She starts telling about her brother, her dad pass away and her circumstances. SJ listens to her attentively.

SJ then asks for her real name. She tells him it's 'Kim Yoon Hee'. He repeats her name listening to the sound of it.

IS is asking his sister HE about how her engagement got canceled. He asks her tenderly to tell him truth. HE tries to explain about SJ's feeling. IS gets the impression that it is SJ who broke off the engagement. He walks out angrily. HE is worried for SJ.

In the morning, SJ tells YS to leave SKK. She refuses and tells him that she had tried so hard to live as a SKK student and she is not going to give that up. Also, he is the one who made her sit for the exam in the first place. SJ tries to explain to her. She says "isn't he the one telling her to make miracle happen, to make it different? and now he is talking differently because she is a woman?" YS walks off angrily.

SJ runs after her, telling her it's because he is worried about her. This is very dangerous, it's life threatening situation if she were to be found out. She counters him that even she leaves SKK now, she might still wearing men's clothes carrying the burden of her family or worst she may have to get married to help her family. There seems no better tomorrow for her anyway, she'd rather enjoy her today in SKK now and cherish it because will not have this chance again in her life. With that YS leaves.

YS is back with other students and everybody is teasing about her absent last night. JS and YHa walk in, she calls out for JS, he speaks to her curtly and walks off. YHa feels funny with JS behavior, he turns to YS and asks if she met SJ, YS is surprised and asks how does he know? he answers 'I'm Gu Yong Ha' and smiles.

SJ is sitting in his room at his new school thinking back about YS. He thinks carefully about what she said.

YS walks with JS and YHa in the market, her mind keeps thinking back about SJ. CS shows herself in front of them and apologizes for her presence without notice. YS tells her it's fine. All students are cheering they have CS's girls with them. CS walks pass JS and they both stop, they seems recognized each other.

YS learns from the gisaengs that CS plans to free herself. CS walks into the room and they talk. CS reveals her feeling to YS expectantly. However, YS rejects her. CS is hurt by YS's answer.

YS comes out to JS. He is not in a good mood for her to associate with CS. YS asks him why his mood seems strange today. He doesn't answer, grasps her bag and walks off. Students are back at SKK and see an announcement about the up coming literature competition.

The chancellor is with the king holding a basket of oranges, as the king's prize for the competition. They walks into SJ's dad and IS's dad, the chancellor tells them that SJ surely will be the winner in this. SJ's dad says that SJ has quit SKK already but the chancellor tells him that he is back. They both are surprised by this news, specially SJ's dad that he doesn't know about it.

YS walks into the library noticing the competition announcement. She walks to the book shelf, there is a student standing in her way so she reaches out to his shoulder for him to move. He turns around and it's SJ stands there looking at her. YS asks if he is back to SKK, he says that he is not a fool who will leave the girl he like in this place full of men. YS tells him she will not quit SKK and will prove it to him that she is capable of being here. He asks her how she will prove it, she says she will win the competition. And they reach their agreement.

SJ walks pass the students, everybody looks at him whispering to each other that LSJ is back? He hears them but continues on to JS and YHa who are standing nearby. YHa greets him, SJ bows to his seniors. JS scolds at him let out some threatening words and walk off. SJ is confused. YHa seems surprised with JS. It's JS way to greet him, SJ realizes and then smiles.

Back to their room, JS is with SJ. SJ drops himself in the middle and turns to sleep. JS yells at him that it's not his place, SJ says how can there be 'my' or 'his' place. JS uses his foot kicking SJ to move away when SJ doesn't move he throws his pillow at SJ's head still SJ doesn't move. So JS lies down next to him, pushing their back at each other then they both turn looking at each other. Both get up staring at each other, JS asks why he behaves like this, SJ asks him back with the same question (obviously both think the other doesn't know YS is a girl and try to protect her).

YS walks into the room looking at them. JS orders YS to lie down next to him but SJ hits the blanket next to him loudly telling YS to come sleep by his side. JS doesn't allow it and order YS again. SJ raises his voice against it. YS is confused. SJ, without knowing that JS knows YS is a girl, moves his face quietly signaling her to come by his side.

Suddenly YHa runs into the room and lies down in the middle between SJ and JS, he wants to sleep here tonight. YS smiles, she says she will go and sleep in YHa's room then.

Later in the night, YHa is sleeping in the middle, both JS and SJ turn their back to him. YHa puts his leg over JS is his sleep.

The chancellor puts down the orange basket from the king down in the classroom for every student to see. All students are pretending their enthusiasm in the up coming competition.
The chancellor guesses SJ will be the winner, the other professor and professor Jung believe in YS.

SJ and YS are studying together. They both are sitting in the same table facing each other. SJ looks at YS's lips distracted. He puts some books in front of him to obscure her face from his eyes, YS looks at him.

He stretches his feet out underneath the table unintentionally touch hers. He bounces his feet back. SJ quietly moves himself on to another seat next to him to be away from her, he then put a stack of books between their faces, but he still sees her face over the books, so he adds more books up higher until he cannot see her. YS looks at him questioningly, he just looks down at his book reading.

SJ is standing by the book shelf, YS is not sure about his feeling for her, she walks over nagging him. SJ doesn't tell out openly but seems his words reassuring her about his feeling and walks away, she smiles.

HE comes for YHa for his help to get SJ back, YHa suggestions don't help her much. She gets up angrily and walks away.

CS is in the market with her girls, suddenly she knows there is someone following her so she quickly walks away hiding. JS follows behind her but loses her on the way. There is an arrow coming in his way into the wall, he picks up the red flyer sticked to the arrow and reads. JS starts to follow but is stopped by the officers telling him his father wishes to see him.

JS is with father, he tells him to stop his HBS, that SJ's father is after him. He is angry with JS when he refuses. JS asks his dad why he is still with the king and the noron and what about his brother's death? He walks to his room lying down reading the red flyer.

Tonight only SJ and YS are together in the room. He arranges their sleeping place by putting a rolled blanket in the middle and tells her not to cross over. She assures him that she won't. YS mentions about JS that the room seems empty without him, SJ hits the blanket loudly and says that is the reason why he cannot let her be alone in SKK. He tells her to stop talking and go to sleep. They both lie down with their backs turn to each other.

SJ starts asking about what was she about to tell him at the creek and nagging her for her answer. YS is quiet, so he turns to look at her and her eyes are closed sleeping. Disappointed he turns and closed his eyes. YS opens her eyes, she hears everything he said but too embarrass to talk about it. She closes her eyes to sleep.

The competition begins. We see rounds of different types of the competition. By the end, only SJ and YS are the ones compete with each other fiercely. The final round, there is only SJ and YS. Professor Jung shows them the king's question. They both are thinking and putting down their answers, looking at each other.

JS and YHa is outside waiting for the result. The little kid is the one who keep running and reporting the outcome to YHa. IS walks into them and sees JS is wearing a bracelet, he looks at the detail carefully.

Professor Jung tells the right answer to SJ and YS. And the winner is SJ, the chancellor gives the basket of oranges to SJ as the winner prize. YS ,feeling down, leaves and runs to the library to check her answer and she learns that her answer is wrong, she pokes her head with her hand.

SJ comes to her, now that he is the winner. She must leave SKK. YS doesn't want to leave she puts her face close to his and begging him sweetly for another chance. SJ is startled by her closeness backing away, still doesn't convince.

SJ with his straight face berates her, she seems loss at the meaning of his words. After he finishes, she carefully asks him whether he means she can stay. he doesn't refuse so she is relieved and happy.

SJ follows her, nagging her what was she going to tell him at the creek? She feels embarrass and tries to walk away. He doesn't allow it this time, he asks her to try to think again if she forgets. SJ wants to know her feeling for him so he keeps following her. YS , feeling frustrated, asks him how come he doesn't know? SJ says how does he suppose to know that? Then she leans over and kisses him on his lips. She looks at him and runs. Outside, she touches her cheeks and smiles. Suddenly there is a man in black in front of her.

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SJ starts to run after her, also a man in black stops him.

JS is a HBS tonight, jumping down in the middle of the guards fighting then he runs off, they follow him, he jumps to hide on the roof. YHa comes to his side and greets him. Then JS realizes he loses his bracelet during the fight.

IS picks up the bracelet on the ground and remembers it is JS's. His eyes widened with anger, he orders all the guards to capture the HBS right away.

JS is going back for his bracelet, YHa stops him. JS jumps out anyway because it's his brothers he wants it back. JS is stopped by a man in black.

YHa is waiting for JS and also faces with a man in black.

The J-4 are taken to the secret room, they look at each other. The king walks down the steps smiling and they bow. Professor Jung walks in, the J-4 gasp with surprise calling out his name. The king speaks up their mission

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