SKKS recap ep 11

In the classroom where the king presides as the head of the student council, about to give out the verdict to YS, SJ walks in and hands the accounting book to the king and explains what is this book meant for.

Everybody seems surprised while YHa whispering to the standing JS 'Idiot idiot just like you'. However, even with the book IS objects and gives out his reasons to the king, the king complies. Then to everyone surprised, the real thief appears and confesses his crime to the king, genuinely explaining his reasons and circumstances. He kneels down and bow to the king. His explanation stuns the king, all the professor and the students. At the end of his speech, he looks at JS and JS nods at him in agreement, all the while his little brother is also listening behind the tree.

The king gives out his speech addressing both YS and IS. The king stresses his speech to YS and clear him out of the accusation. As for the thief, the king also lets him off his charge, to the thief's delight. Then the king turns to SJ addressing him concerning the book he gave. Last, the king addresses YS, SJ and JS, and leave.

Professor Jung is in the medicine room with IS, he asks IS questions. It seems there are two herbs that are quite similar, the one that YS was accused of stealing and selling in the black market and the one that was given to YS for his brother was a different one. It shows that there is a person behind this to set up YS. IS does not stir by Prof Jung's question. Prof Jung knows it is IS's doing from the beginning but he wants to give IS a chance to acknowledge his wrongs. We have flashbacks where one of IS's friend went to steal YS's name tag and the medicine. IS is angry at Prof. Jung but concedes. IS backs in his room, throws out a bag of money to his friend stating his dissatisfaction with his failed actions and leaves. His friend seems unsatisfied with IS.

Outside the classroom, YS thanks the thief for coming forward, the thief tells YS to thank JS instead, JS denies but YS smiles understanding it was JS convincing the thief that helps. YHa hears that and smiles. Only three of them are there so YHa wonders where is SJ?

SJ is in the library talks to IS. IS warns SJ to take precautions what he is doing to his dad and the noron, SJ answers with his reasons but at the end he listens quietly, IS reaches out and pads SJ's head as a warning and leaves. All this time YS stands behind and hears everything.

SJ turns to see YS, YS is so startled he drops books on the floor. SJ bends down helping YS pick up the books. YS sincerely thanks him and at the same time says sorry to be the course of his situation today. SJ explains and starts to leave, YS says he did well today (the same phrase SJ said when YS hit the bull eyes). SJ smiles (WOW!) ans YS smiles back. They exchange their gratitude smiling, SJ reaches out for YS's hand as he speaks smilingly, then his eyes drop to YS's lips, this makes him feel uneasy, he lets go of YS's hand and walks away. Then to YS's surprise, SJ walks backs again, this time he puts both of his hands on YS's shoulder and speaks genuinely asking her a favor and then leaves. Outside we see SJ walks out talking to himself and letting his frustration show.

YS : I wanted to say thank and I’m sorry
SJ : all I did was pick up a few books for you…
YS : for today – at the mock trial- I think I gave you a heavy burden so I regretted it- I should have listened to you in the first place and not bring along that ledger
SJ : all we did was what we had to do – no one needed to feel sorry for someone from the start- so if it’s over that- don’t worry too much about it- (didn’t catch the last line- something about how they might not have done much good/or made that much difference or something)
YS : despite that- I am proud of you LSJ-since you did well-no matter what happens later- what you did was good (and they smile at each other)
YS : I am going to remember this moment for a long time
After we all leave Sungkyukwan, we might not be together then so I must remember this-the worries we had, the nervousness we felt, the happy moments, and (the fact that we were all together)- if do that- I think I can live like a better person-so will you remember? When the day comes when you have something difficult to decide on like today- will you remember that someone once had more faith in you than himself?
SJ : No- no matter how long (it takes)- stay by my side like now-with both your eyes open watch over me- whether I am going on the right path till the end -that way I’ll look at you and remember this day –so KYS-you have to stay by my side always
Then her lips distract him and he walks away and comes back to say
I can put up with everything else but never ever wear girl’s clothes again-I’m asking you as a favor (or it could be translated as “I’m begging you”)

YS : don’t wear girl’s clothes- you sure are asking a lot
SJ : KYS is just a roommate- a roommate

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Both SJ's dad and IS's dad are talking about how to remedy their situation concerning the incident in SKK. Suddenly CS comes in and tells them about the situation outside, so they come outside, at that moment an arrow coming from the red messenger goes into the spot close to SJ's dad, IS's dad alerts the officials. The pictures show the red messenger's arrows are flying everywhere stick the message on the red papers and everyone is reading. We hear JS's voice as a narrative.

At SKK, all the professor receive the red message and try to figure it out. Professor Jung puts on his magnified glass and looks at the message carefully. Professor Jung seems to know who is the red messenger, but he 's not quite sure if there is only one person.

JS comes back from his mission, in front of the room he puts liquor on his body to smell as if he was out for drinking and he hears SJ and YS are talking about the red messenger inside the room.

Inside the room, SJ and YS are looking at the red message trying to figure out who is the red messenger since he is a SKK student, SJ's finger touches YS's unintentionally and stirs his feeling so he slowly takes his hand away. JS walks in and interrupts them and lies down in the middle and uses his foot to kick YS to sleep far away from him (HAHA!), this brings protest from SJ, SJ insists he will sleep next to YS tonight. This leads to some bantering between JS and SJ, YS can't decide next to whom she should sleep, until SJ's eyes catches on YS's lips he stops, at the same time JS's eyes fixes on YS's lips too, SJ says it's ok he will sleep next to JS (HA!) and he lies down turns his back to JS and go to sleep. Then the picture shows JS sleeps close to SJ and YS sleeps further away from them.

YS to SJ : Do you think you know who it is?
SJ :
why is Geol Oh sayung (senior) so late…
JS :
I’m here and lies down next to SJ
YS :
oh the smell-sa hyung (senior) did you drink again?
JS :
yes so go sleep way over there
SJ :
today, I really want to say something-why do you keep switching places as you please- I need to know the reason
JS :
always being so (picky) – you can’t kick that habit?
SJ-(???something about preference I think)
If you like this side of the wall, then I’ll go next to KYS…and JS stops him with his foot
JS :
you are making dust fly up-just sleep
SJ :
no- today I want to settle this
JS :
there is no “your place - my place” – if I just lie down it’s my place
SJ :
then let’s ask KYS how he wants to settle who sleeps where
They both stare at her lips
SJ :
it’s ok – stop- since it’s already late- it will be better just to sleep like this

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At the palace, the king brings the accounting book's matter to the ministers, all are asking the king to let it go but to everyone surprised SJ's dad speaks out and the king gives out his announcement. Outside, IS'dad asks SJ's dad for the reason of his doing, he answers it's for the noron and mentions his concern about the red messenger.

In SKK, little kids are running around handing the news. Upon seeing it, IS clutches the paper in his hand. The picture shows JS, YS, SJ are sitting together under a tree smiling. Then YHa comes behind JS and uses his hands to cover JS's eyes, JS pushes his hands away so YHa moves to put his arms around both YS and SJ. Again, JS pushes him away from YS. (HA!)

Prof Jung is with the king talking about SJ, JS and YS, the king mentions he wants to hand GDJS's matter to the kids, this worries Prof Jung.

The J-4 are walking out wearing official uniforms including YHa. Three of them tease YHa of how he complies to wear the uniform and YHa opens his uniform to show underneath he's still wearing his colorful clothes. Apparently, they are granted an audience with the king.

The J-4 are standing in front of the king. The king gives a gift for each one. YHa opens his first, and he is surprised to see a small miniature of a forbidden city (in China) which was stolen from him.

JS opens his to find a paper with words written on it and he seems thankful.
Each time the king gives out reasons for his gifts.
SJ opens his to find a wooden stopwatch (the kind he used when he trained YS the archery).
The king explains to SJ and he listens and thinks carefully.
YS opens hers to find her father's wooden box and the king tells her he was his friend. YS asks about her father (the three listen and are surprised). Her question worries Prof Jung but the king answers, YS is happy with the king's answer and YS's eyes are brimming with tears.

SJ's dad talks with IS's dad about his son.

YS visits her dad's wooden sign in SKK memorial hall and talks to her dad.

SJ talks with his dad at home. SJ thanks his dad to help liberalized the trade(?) and speaks more which cautions his dad. (I think his dad want to push for his marriage to be faster).

HE is at the book shop and dreaming about SJ. The bookseller suggests a book (red cover) to her. She opens it and shocks to see explicit pictures inside. YHa takes it away from her hand and scolds the bookseller for giving this to her.

YHa touches HE's chin and speaks to her but HE seems uninterested, so YHa walks away mentioning his idea(?). HE changes her mind and reaches out for YHa and asks. YHa shows HE the map and picks one island, he helps her buy flowers, fruits for the preparation of her trip with SJ, guides her with words and also pays for the boat to the island. YHa suggests that SJ will not go alone with her so he suggests bringing YS(?) along and they fix the time to come again for the trip. She asks him who he is, he tells her he is YHa, IS's friend and his nick name Yeo Rim. HE , upon hearing his nick name and the meaning of it, gets scared. YHa hugs her and whispering into her ear.

JS waits for YS and asks her about her dad.YS seems surprised with his concerns. JS kneels down in front of her and tenderly tie her trouser (Gahhhhh!). YS seems to misunderstand his action so she thanks him for what he has done for her. JS stops what he is doing and his face shows a bit of disappointment. He stands up, YS smiles to him thankfully and he starts hiccuping.

YHa comes to speak with SJ (about his trip plan) and SJ refuses, YHa asks him about seeing girls, SJ doesn't move by his question, then YHa changes his question again and still SJ is not interested.

YS and JS are looking at the board showing the red messenger's picture. YS asks JS if he knows who the red messenger is since he is a skk student. All the while talking to her, JS is hiccuping. Suddenly, YS asks if JS is the red messenger? JS is alarmed so he stops hiccup and looks at YS. YS laughs that he stops hiccuping because of her question. JS feel relieved that she just fools him.

So they both are smiling and pushing at each other, SJ happens to walk by and see them. He turns around and walks away (seems he's not angry at them but frustrated with himself).

SJ is alone in his room pacing. His mind keeps seeing YS smiling and calling him everywhere. He turns and turns still can't stop seeing YS's smiling face. YHa walks in the room holding the red covered book, he concerns about SJ's pale face and lies down reading the book, SJ sits down and read his book too. JS and YS come in together, SJ raises the book up in front of his face so he doesn't see them. YHa notices SJ's reaction.

JS and YS keep talking and laughing at each other, suddenly SJ closes his book so loud that everyone stops and looks at him. YHa speaks his thoughts, this time both JS and SJ keep quiet.

JS : You really didn’t know anything about your father?
YS : No-why do you think my mother didn’t tell me the truth?
JS : She probably struggled with it-and she probably thought if you take his side that road would be too dangerous for you
YS : what kind of person do you think my father was?
JS : (tying her ankle wrap? What do you call those things?)
why ask? Of course he was a good person
YS : senior –your nickname Geol oh really doesn’t suit you since you are someone who always makes me feel grateful- first at the Daesara then at (Soondojunthae??)
Thank you senior (and JS hiccups as he walks away)

YH goes up to SJ and asks what SJ plans to do with the day off the King gave them and stops SJ from answering and says don’t tell me you are going to study and then YH suggests playing with some girls on a boat and SJ says he has no interest and YH says if you don’t like boats –how about in the mountains and SJ replies not having interest extends to mountains as well (LOL-you gotta love that sarcasm- him saying stuff like that wearing that hanbok kills me)

In front of the poster of the bandit/Hong Byuk Sun
YS : senior-do you know who Hong Byuk Sun is? They say he is a sungkyunkwan student
JS : I have no interest (hiccupping)
YS : I think I know-Hong Byuk Sun is really close by-senior – you’re Hong Byuk Sun right?
JS : what? What?!
YS : I stopped your hiccups-right?
Then they get playful and SJ sees them and walks away repeating “KYS is a roommate –just a roommate” and he imagines her everywhere

YH says he needs enough guys to go and unless SJ fills the head count YH is not leaving the room and JS and YS walk in
YS : wasn’t that amazing- the hiccups stopped just like that
JS : stop already
YH : (staring at SJ reading a book upside down) Geol Oh stopped hiccupping?
YS : I gave him a special cure(remedy)
JS : Gaemul I told you to stop already
YS : you should have seen the look on his face
SJ slams the book shut
YH : at one point, I used to suspect Daemul might be a girl
YS : senior what kind of nonsense…
YH : but I decided to stop suspecting that cuz something more curious came up

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SJ sits alone with his hand on his forehead thinking about YS in woman's dress and her lips' licking. He thinks about YHa 's suggestion, SJ gets up and goes to tell YHa that he decides to go along with his plan. YHa is so happy and hugs him. He starts to tell SJ the time for the trip (which should be the same with HE), then he changes his mind (he looks like having fun) and tells SJ the time that earlier than the one he told HE.

SJ asks YS if she is available for the time, so she can come with him. YS says yes happily.
YS is in the room, dressing to go out and looking at mirror smiling. JS walks in the room and asks what she's up to. YS gives him excuse and leaves. JS sees the mirror on the floor.

At the dock, YS is happy to know she gets to be on the boat(her first time). SJ says 'let's go' and he steps into the boat then turns to give YS a hand. YS smiles happily and reaches out for him. SJ changes his mind and sits down on the boat himself. YS stops smiling and gets on the boat by herself. They are on their way to the island.

YHa tells JS about this. JS rushes to the dock, YHa observes JS.
HE learns something is wrong with her plan.

JS arrives at the dock and so HE. HE asks about the boat and learns that SJ is gone on the boat. HE is worry so she tries to get another boat but it starts to rain soon so none of the boat can leave at this time.

On the island, SJ and YS walk together to see the tent and beautiful decorations inside, YS asks whether SJ did all this and he says no. Then YS learns that SJ comes here to meet with the girl and asks for her company, she is so angry at SJ. SJ confuses and asks her why she has to be angry?

YS runs to the shore and calls for the boat which is leaving, SJ puts his hands on her shoulder trying to stop her. YS brushes his hands away. SJ tries to explain about YHa's idea but YS thinks he is here to see the girl. So YS starts running into the water to catch the boat. SJ tries to stop her so she punches him in his face (at the same time, on the dock, JS punches YHa). YS loses her balance in the water so SJ holds her but YS pushes him away, so SJ loses his balance and to his surprise starts to fall into the water.

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