SKKS ep 13 review

CS kisses SJ 's cheek. This angers HE so she stands up and yells loudly at CS, SJ is taken aback by HE's manner and looks at her disapprovingly. HE realizes her outward behavior thus pretends to feel dizzy, closes her eyes and falls on to SJ's chest. CS, seeing HE, tells her to stop pretending and explain her own kissing behavior. HE, while leaning on SJ's shoulder, listens to CS's reasons, opens her eyes, gets up and pretends she is ok now. CS apologizes to SJ and leaves.

YS follows CS and also apologizes for her (YS) behavior. CS speaks her minds and questions YS's feeling also shows her worry for YS.

HE cleans SJ's cheek with her hangerchief, YS walks back to SJ and apologizes, HE tries to speak for YS but SJ tells YS to stop and that it's ok, so YS have to leave. SJ's eyes follow YS yearningly, sad.

YS sits down to drink with SKK fellows at the other table nearby. All the while, SJ is looking at her from his table. YS drinks until she almost falls from her chair, SJ alarms and stands up worryingly. A friend pulls her back on the chair, SJ looks at her then gives HE his excuse. All friends leave YS alone at the table, they talk laughingly on their way back about YS. This is overhearded by JS who is relaxing high up on the tree. JS walks to YS at the table and piggybacks her. On JS's back, YS is muttering her uncomfortable feeling all the way.

Two of IS's fellows are in the room, trying to figure out how to play the hocky game tomorrow against JS and YS.

In the room, JS puts YS down to sleep tenderly, JS loses the moment and stares at YS for a while then he realizes this might not be appropriated ,he gets up and walks out of the room.

JS walks out only to find SJ is walking back quietly. JS scolds at SJ out of his concern for YS and asks whether SJ is worried about YS. SJ answers nonchalantly out of concern, triggers JS's anger, he pulls SJ's collar and SJ calmly takes his hand away, and said that from now on he does not want to hear the word KYS from JS, and walks away, leaves JS in shock.

Meanwhile, IS's dad tries to convince the king about the HBS (the red messenger). The king counters him with how GDJS used to be mentioned on the HBS's messenger compares to the recent one. IS's dad is frustrated but keeps his silent.

Then we see IS'dad is in a secret place talking with the man in black, giving out his order.

And it's the morning of the hockey match, SJ'dad/mom, IS'dad and HE are sitting in to watch the game. SJ'dad doesn't seem in agreement with IS'dad at the moment.

The game begins with both teams(red and blue) are lined up in front of each other. SJ and YS exchange glances. A women's voice saying the Jalgeum quartet is spitting up this time (JS/YS vs SJ/IS). IS is planing something with his friends (we have one of IS's friend in both red and blue team).

While both teams are lining up, SJ drops his small cloth on the ground, YS helps picking it up and hands it back to him, SJ snatches it back angrily. This hurts YS so she tries to talk to SJ asking, begging him to understand her. YS tries to talk about CS and the incident last night, SJ tells YS that he doesn't care about who she is infatuated with and walks off, YS is left feeling sad.

YS tells JS that she will try hard for the game today and JS retorts whether it's because of what SJ said. YS says she will try to be strong and stand on her own. JS helps her tie her wrist wrap disapprovingly. YS looks at his help surprisingly. All the while, SJ is standing nearby with his back turns towards them.

And finally the game begins!
YHa is with Prof. Jung, giving his excuse of why he cannot participate in the game today.

Both teams have their own cheer leaders (boy wears girl's dress).They are all shouting for their teams. The ball is set in the middle between both teams and the signal is given out for the game to begin. The red team hits the ball first, YS gets the ball and then SJ comes and snatches the ball away and runs for his team, YS doesn't give up, seize the ball from SJ. SJ is also very determined today, he tackles YS and gets the ball, runs and hits for his first goal. SJ looks at YS, who (because of his tackle) falls on the ground regretfully. JS walks over and pulls YS up.

JS is angry at SJ and yells at him. SJ tries to explain that it's the game but JS doesn't back down, telling SJ if he tackles YS one more time he will... then SJ angrily yells back that he told JS not to tell him what to do about YS and lifts his hand up meaning to punch JS in his face only to be stopped by YS. Everybody on the field including both parents, HE, YHa grasp in surprise of the violent SJ, specially SJ's dad. The professor comes on the field and clears both boys out.

The game continues, JS and SJ fiercely counter each other. YHa and Prof. Jung are observing on the side. SJ tackles JS, both don't get pass each other. Other player takes this advantage and gets the ball. YS gets the ball and runs, only to counter with one of IS's friend about to tackle her. JS sees this, he runs to her and pushes the guy away. YHa talks to himself, he finds IS odd today.

YS with the ball, runs for the goal only to find IS standing in her way. IS sees that CS only looks at YS during the game, hold his stick up high angrily at YS. IS pulls down his stick with full force intended to hit YS, SJ runs to cover YS just in time and gets hit by IS.

SJ is hit hard, he knocked to ground unconscious. SJ's dad, HE, all the professors, YHa and everybody are stunned at this horrified scene. Both JS and YS look at SJ speechless.
IS realizes what he has done, lets go of his stick and stands there looking at SJ.

IS's dad is horrified, turns to SJ's dad and apologizes for his son behavior. SJ's parent stand up angrily and leave. IS'dad and HE are left with regrets and realize that this is his son grave mistake.

IS and his friends (one in blue and one in red team) stand there silently. YHa comes and talks to IS whether it's his intention to hurt YS.

The head professor is with SJ's dad and keeps apologizing. SJ's dad asks thoughtfully what kind of person is Kim Yoon Shik.

YS is resting, JS hands water over to her. Without taking it, she tells JS that SJ is injured because of her, she has to go and see him. She runs off leaving JS behind. JS starts to realize YS's feeling for SJ.

SJ wakes up, first thing comes up in his mind are the pictures of YS with him, one by one from their first encounter up to where he almost kisses her. SJ starts to look around, he is in the infirmary, he sees professor Jung moving near him, then he closes his eyes. YS is at his side looking at him when he asleeps. Then SJ opens his eyes again to see nobody at his side, he closes his eyes again. When he opens his eyes later YS is by his side smiling at him holding his hand, he feels so happy and smiles at her. Then he hears HE's voice, he looks again only to see HE is the one holding his hand. SJ stops smiling, taking his hand away from her and sits himself up. HE speaks to SJ regretfully, since he is ok now she will take her leave.

YS walks into the room, SJ looks at YS intensely. YS, seeing SJ wakes up, smiles at SJ with relief. SJ and YS are looking at each other, this makes HE feel uneasy looking at both of them so she excuses herself to leave. SJ gets up and walks to HE, holding her arm not to go.

SJ speaks to HE softly, using her as his shield to guard his conflicted feeling against YS. HE is surprised and delighted by his words. Tears start to form in YS's eyes, she stands there listen to every words of SJ. Then she starts to cry and leave the room quietly. After she turns to leave, SJ looks at her longingly. After YS left, SJ continues to speak with HE.

Outside, YS is crying and running away, JS stands outside and sees her. He walks to the door and peeks into the room, he sees SJ is talking with HE. He thinks back of YS's words when she was on his piggyback ride and starts laughing. He understands clearly now that YS has feeling for SJ.

YS is sitting alone crying, JS comes to talk to her, holding her hand trying to cheer her up and YS smiles a little.

The game resumes, YS is into the game now, she falls but keeps standing up in the game. YHa and professor Jung are looking at her. JS hits the ball to YS and she hits it into the goal, so now the red is leading the blue with 2:1. JS and YS help each other and YS sends the ball flying into the goal. They seal the winning with the score of 3:1. JS and YS smile at each other. YHa is smiling with their victory.

Outside the hockey field, at the back, the king is looking at the game approvingly with professor Jung.

All the red teams carry YS up and shout 'DaeMul DaeMul', rejoice their victory.

SJ ,standing with his man servant, is looking at YS and the red team's victory. SJ's dad and mom are speaking at each other on their way back.

SJ walks into YS by chance. YS asks about his condition and thanks him for his help earlier and smiles. SJ tells her not to overly concern about it and walks off. YS congratulates him and HE, SJ stops with his back turns to her listening. Then he walks away without turning back, not saying anything. Her eyes follow him sadly.

All the students are taking off their shirts to take their bath. YS walks by and YHa asks her to take off her shirt and take a bath together. YS is out of words, JS throws towel into YHa's face to stop him from teasing her and tells YS to go away. YS takes this opportunity and gets away. YHa pushes his face to JS's face knowingly, JS pushes his face away.

YS walks to the hockey field alone, sits down loss in her own thoughts.

The king and professor Jung are talking concerning the HBS(the red messenger). The king says the HBS is a SKK student and asks him to look into this matter.

JS is on a tree reading the news about HBS, mentioning it's today. IS and his father plan to capture HBS today.

At the meal room, SJ sits next to YHa and on the opposite row JS sits next to YS. The students are reading the news paper. They are discussing about the HBS, YS speaks up her thoughts about the HBS. SJ looks at her thoughtfully. JS and YHa are smiling listening to her. YS goes on with her ideas, JS laughs out loud. YS smiles at JS.

SJ, seeing both of them smiling at each other, puts down his spoon loudly, gets up and leaves. YHa looks at SJ and then at JS and YS together. He follows SJ into the library and talks to him. SJ doesn't want to listen to YHa but he keeps on talking about SJ's feeling for the person he likes, SJ listens to him thoughtfully.

IS is being reprimanded by the head professor and professor Jung for his behavior as the head of student council. He is angry but keeps silent. There is an announcement on the board for the students to see. There is shame on IS's face.

Night falls, the soldiers are on their plans to capture the HBS.
At SKK, professor Jung orders to close the door and walks with the officials and we hear the king voice-over. All the SKK officials seem to be on guard tonight.

JS, dressed in black, is ready to jump the wall. One of the SKK official sees him, their eyes catch and he looks away letting JS go. JS jumps the wall to find YHa is waiting for him outside. YHa tells JS that he knows JS is HBS. JS looks at him and smiles. YHa begs him not to do it, it is very dangerous but JS insists.

YHa punches JS in his face and tells him to do whatever he wants and then (to my surprise) YHa starts to cry. JS tells him not to worry about him and runs off. YHa stands there, tears in his eyes.

YH : Are you going somewhere Geol Oh? If it’s for (?) if it’s for drinking, I bet I have more in my room
JS : You don’t get me (understand what I am about)
YH : HBS is just a lure – who they really want is you- don’t you know?
JS (surprised that YH knows who he is) : You..
YH : Did you think I didn’t know? The only friend you’ve had for ten years you thought was a fool? Me?
(stopping him) Don’t go- aren’t you afraid? You could die
JS: Fear- what do I have to fear- when living isn’t any fun (YH punches him)
YH: If living isn’t as good as death – then - what about me the person next to you? Go – go and live the way you want –and get lost
JS: Then what should I do about what I did to reveal why my brother died – that truth being reduced to acts of thievery and murder. Should I just sit by and watch that happen (do nothing)? When it is right in front of my eyes –on top of that- when it’s all because of me – living like that- is that living? Don’t worry- I won’t even let them harm a hair on my head and I’ll come back (for you)

The man in black comes out and fights with the hiding officials, and then there are two men in black fighting. JS is injured by the fight. The fake HBS retreats, JS follows.
IS's dad is standing among the officials, looking at the incident.

The fake HBS hides in a secret place and takes off his mask, revealing his true identity. And it turns out to be CS.

JS is surrounded by the officials now and he is injured. IS's dad is still looking at him. Then suddenly another man appears (with his mask on, of course). They both are fighting together protecting each other ,and JS gets away. The other man fights on.

The king is at the palace, listening to the report and following the incident closely.

YS comes to the library and sees SJ is also there. YS is happy to see him and tries to talk to him. SJ acts indifferently towards her and moves further away, so she tries to ask him and begs him to speak up. Tears is brimming her eyes, asking him for his answer.

SJ, with his back turns to her, listens quietly. When she keeps pressing him, he turns and looks into her eyes, he answers her regretfully. YS starts crying and leaves. SJ stands still alone in the library, feeling regret. Then he realizes he hurt her deeply, not be able to withstand it anymore, SJ starts to run after her. He is running and trying to find her everywhere.

YS is running. Suddenly, the HBS jumps from the wall and collapses before her. JS ,with his bloody hand, hugs her. JS speaks to YS.

IS is saying that the HBS is now in SKK.

The HBS takes off his mask. YS sees his face and terrified, and JS smiles

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