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At the hearing, SJ tells everybody that he is gay. The chancellor hears about this, he runs out to the meeting room to observe, the other professor and Prof. Jung is waiting for the final outcome.

SJ after his declaration, he continues on with his reasons countering the accusation of JS/YS being gay, and doesn't admit to witness JS and YS any gay doings. He also mentions that the other students was also there that night at the incense hall. The threesome admit that they were there too. All students are convinced by SJ's speech.

YHa smiles in admiration of SJ speech. SJ then concludes that based on all the assumptions therefore JS/YS are not gay.

The chancellor comes back to the teacher room relieved that SJ is not gay as he announced earlier.

Back to the hearing, IS still doesn't back down. He brings up the HBS issue in that night. SJ, with his quick mind, thinks back to the incident that night where he saw YS and JS together at the incense hall, when YS used a broomstick brushing the ground, and when YS told him that she couldn't tell the reason for JS's sake and asked him to believe her. SJ starts to put things together and comes to understand the real story.

IS orders JS and YS to take their top off, JS asked IS if he wants only that. Both YHa and YS stop JS worriedly. SJ speaks again that today's hearing is about the gay issue only and the the student council meeting has its own rules even the king cannot interfere. However, it's not right for IS to bring the HBS into this hearing. He continues that IS is the head of the student council thus shouldn't disregard the rules of this meeting. If JS takes off his top and is found innocent, IS himself must face the consequences. SJ turns to other students and asks for their opinions.

The head of soron group speaks up in agreement with SJ that it's already been proven that JS is not gay. All the students voice their agreement. YHa stands up and states that the power of this hearing lines in the hands of all students not just IS alone, then he asks all the students to vote.

The vote outcome is in favor of JS/YS, that they are not guilty. IS announces the final decision of the student council to release both JS/YS from the accusation. SJ smiles and satisfied with the outcome.

Then the meeting is over, SJ walks out alone mumbling to himself 'pathetic to misunderstand in such thing'.

JS waits for YS outside, when she comes out he smiles expectantly but YS walks into the other students and starts asking for SJ, nobody knows SJ's whereabouts. JS's smile faded, there is sadness shown in his eyes very briefly and then he smiles again with better understanding this time. IS is left alone in the meeting room.

SJ changes into his normal clothing and starts to walk out of SKK. YHa stops him and asked why he said he is gay?, what is his real reason?, why he did what he did during the meeting? SJ doesn't answer him.

YHa says that SJ will get engaged tomorrow then he will certainly be related to IS in the future. He continues that may be SJ has other reason to get engaged, is he trying to run away from something? and then he drives to the point questioning SJ 'Are you happy?', this leaves SJ speechless momentarily.

YS is in the library still looking and waiting for SJ. The students walk by and bow their heads down with shame. The officer announces it's the library closing time. YS is frustrated not be able to find SJ, she asks the officer. He tells her that how come she doesn't know that SJ has dropped out from SKK.

YHa and JS are in their room drinking, celebrating the outcome today. YS walks in the room and asks them if they know that SJ has dropped out from SKK. YHa expresses his surprise, he thought SJ went back for his engagement. JS listens quietly, he seems a little jealous. YS walks out disappointed. YHa still wonders about SJ.

That night, JS walks back to his room and sees the light are coming out. He can see YS is standing in the room with her sorrow. He decides to sit outside in front of the room. YS, standing alone in the room, tears are brimming her eyes. The truth starts to hit her that SJ is not here anymore, she sits down and cries quietly. JS is sitting outside letting her have her time alone.

SJ is at home thinking back about YHa's question whether he is happy. His servant calls and talks to him but his mind seems somewhere else.

SJ is with his dad talking. He doesn't seem in his right mind today just sits there while his father do the talking. SJ is still out of his behavior, not pay attention to his dad's words. Then he asks his dad whether he is happy with his life. Surprised with SJ's question, he laughs out loud and continues with his owns ideas what are the most important things in life.

In SKK, students walk to class including YS. She passes by the tree where she used to practice her archery, with SJ sat by her side, feeling sad.

In the classroom, students are talking they couldn't believe that SJ leaves SKK for good, YS looks at SJ's desk sadly. Then the student ask YS if she doesn't know, YS gets up and walks out of the room. She comes out and faces with JS, he asks her where is she going, she looks at him with tears in her eyes and walks away from the class.

HE is at home dressing and preparing for her engagement. She tells her servant she will try her best for SJ.

YS walks to SJ's house and sees the servants are busy preparing for the engagement in front of the house. YS sees SJ walks to the house, she hides behind a tree. SJ is about to go inside, he stops and looks in her way. She hides deeper. Thinking SJ has already gone inside, she comes out only to find SJ is standing there looking at her.

SJ says he thought he sees a ghost. YS gives out her excuses to be here, then she changes her mind and tell him the truth. She wants to thank him for what he had done for her, as his roommate, and also wants to see and tell him for the last time. YS asks if she has done anything wrong. SJ answers her and tells her that they shouldn't see each other again. YS starts to cry and SJ turns and walks back into his house.

YS walks back alone crying along the way. SJ reluctantly opens the door and walks into HE's room. He looks at her thoughtfully. HE runs into his arm and hugs him. SJ stands still not saying anything. Slowly he takes HE hands away from him and tells her his decision to break off the engagement and leaves. SJ runs into IS's dad on his way out, he bows to him and runs.

SJ is running after YS, trying to catch up with her. He spots her in the market, he puts his hand on her shoulder, turns her to face him and tells her tenderly that he likes her. YS starts to cry. SJ tells all of his feeling for her without holding back, he expresses his feeling deeply from his heart and he starts to cry, the agony is in his eyes.

He knows that his feeling is not right for this world and tells her not to worry about it. This is going to be his last with her, more tears start flowing from his eyes as he looks at her for the last time. He turns around and leaves her. YS looks at his back longingly with tears in her eyes.

HE is on her bed falling sick. Her dad comes to check on her. IS is about to walk in but his dad tells him to go outside and talk. IS's dad are discussing SJ with IS. IS suggests that it's strange SJ doesn't come to see HE even if she falls sick, may be he has his secret with another.

HE gets up, stops pretending that she is sick. She thinks back about what SJ told her earlier when he broke off their engagement. She still couldn't believe SJ really mean that.

SJ is talking with his dad telling him what he wants. His dad is very angry, SJ apologizes to him but no matter what his dad says he won't change his mind.

SJ is back in his room with his servant packing his clothes. When the servant walks out, he picks up his blue clothes where YS wrote on it in their first exam encountered. It seems SJ is leaving his house for another school up in the mountain.

SJ's servant reports to SJ's dad. He tells him about his friends in SKK and his roommates. His father listens thoughtfully and asks who is his roommate. The servant tells him his name is Kim Yoon Shik. This name startles him, he opens his drawer and takes out a piece of paper recording about YS which he asked from the chancellor on the hockey day. He reads carefully that YS is the son of the professor who died protecting the GDJS. He keeps saying the name 'Kim Yoon Shik'.

YS is back at SKK. She is sitting down in the library thinking back of SJ's words to her. She mutters to herself that she must be punished because of her lie. JS shows his face next to her and asks her what is she thinking about so seriously? YS asks him for his advice so he takes one chair and sits down in front of her listening.

She starts to tell him about how she might be lying and whether if it were him will he understand and forgive her. She mentions the person she really cares. JS gives out his opinion but looks at her expression carefully. He stands up and starts to walk off, but stops midway and asks her who is the person in her heart? then he continues is it CS? with that YS smiles. JS walks on and then he looks back at her sadly.

YHa is with the chancellor. He is telling him to take the students for their trip outside SKK to have a good time after the hearing was over. They are negotiating the place. The chancellor suggests the mountain but YHa suggests the giseng's house instead. They are still bantering when one of the officer walks in and mentions that this mountain is near the school where SJ is now currently enrolled. YHa ,upon hearing this, agrees with the chancellor right away that he thinks the mountain is good since he also misses SJ and he winks.

SJ is at his new school in his room with his servant. He is not himself, he sits down reading flipping page after page without looking at the book. At night he sits in the dark not sleeping. During the day he plays Go with his servant but his mind is out somewhere else, putting his chip on the board without even look at it. He doesn't eat his meal, just mindlessly holding his spoon.

The king asks SJ's dad about his son leaving SKK. He answers appropriately. They exchange their words with hidden meaning behind it. IS'dad is also standing there.

Alone together IS's dad and SJ's dad, they are angry with the king and then we see the flashback with IS dad voice-over of how he got rid of the GDJS. The picture shows men with swords takes the wooden block from the owner and throws it into the fire.

The king is with professor Jung and his minister. He tells professor Jung that he need SJ with him to find the GDJS. They have to bring SJ back. The minister counters the king that SJ is the son of the noron. The king insists that it has to be SJ with his plan for GDJS.

The students are singing and having a good time as they are heading out for their trip in the mountain. YHa is with the chancellor, he is holding YHa's hand asking him to ,no matter what, bring SJ back to SKK. Then JS/YS/YHa walks out together for the trip.

At the waterfall, students take off their tops and playing in the water. JS is by the fire roasting a potato looking at YS who is sitting there still thinking. The students ask her to join their swimming but she refuses so they come up with their own reason why he never takes off his top in front of others.

YS picks up a book and starts reading to distract them from taking her into the water. Two of IS's friends are there listening, they suspect may be YS is the HBS and plan to prove it.

JS gives a potato to YS. YS is surprised with this side of him and takes the potato. There is dust on her cheek so JS reaches out to wipe it from her face but YS turns her face away not allowing him to touch her.

YHa is drinking with the gisengs and are making secret deal with SJ's servant, giving him money.

SJ's servant comes calling on SJ and tells him to come out immediately and asks him to come with him giving SJ his excuse about his mom.

At the waterfall, YS is reading, students ask her to join them in the water so she puts down her book on the ground and runs away from them. IS's friends follow.

JS comes back to see her book is on the ground, he asks the students for her whereabouts and runs after her.

SJ follows his servant to the creek, SJ asks him again. The servant hugs SJ not letting him go and telling him that SKK students are nearby today. SJ turns back, he doesn't want to go. Suddenly his servant shouts that it's YS over there, he turns suddenly and sees YS is standing nearby(without YS's knowing). SJ is startled and takes a look at her again but decidedly he walks back and leaves her behind.

YS is alone at the creek, she sits down on the stone next to the water

SJ is on his way back then he suddenly stops, turns around telling his servant to go back without him and starts running back to YS.

IS's friends are coming behind YS, they want to prove whether she is the HBS. JS grasps them from behind into the bush without noise. YS doesn't know what happen, she sits there hanging her feet down to the water. She drops one of her shoes into the water and it's floating away.

SJ runs back and sees her shoe is floating in the water. He starts worrying about her shouting out her name repeatedly. He keeps running and searching for her. Then suddenly he stops and turns. YS is standing nearby looking at him with her wide eyes. SJ is so relieved to find her, he runs to her, puts his arms around her and hugs her tightly. There is a little smile on YS's face.

SJ, hugging her tightly, tells her that no matter how hard he tries, he keeps looking out for her, and he tells her to run away from him.

He lets go of her then turns to leave. YS , with tears in her eyes, asks him to stop she has something to tell him. He turns and she runs to him, but she slips and falls into the creek. SJ is panicked so he jumps into the water. For a moment he finds her and carries her up on the bank. He lies her down tenderly and starts calling her name trying to wake her up.

She is still unconscious, he doesn't know what to do so he loosens her clothing, layer after layer, until he sees her bare skin. A glimpse of her breasts showing out from her inner clothing, his eyes are widened shockingly

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