Review ep 17 Sungkyunkwan Scandal

The J-4 find themselves in the secret room, the king steps down the stairs and they all bow. The king calls out professor Jung and all the J-4 are surprised.

The king states his mission and unveils the map of a new city. He intends to build a new Joseon with everyone can freely trade and farming. No politcal fraction, everyone is equal, no slave or noblemen. The richess and paverty are shared. It is a dream of his father and he wants to share his dream with all four of them. Professor Jung explains about the incident 10 years ago with the death of JS's brother and YS's dad. The king gives an envelop to them and concludes his speech for their help.

All four of them are alone in the room, YS mentions she wants to do it, she wants to know more about her dad and hopes these traces will help her understand her father.

Yha asks JS how about him, JS also wants to find out about his brother so he's in too.

The king is with the prime minister and professor Jung. The PM thinks JS and YS are fit to do the job, but SJ is a son of the noron and for YHa, he's not noron or soron so he's not sure. He asks professor Jung for his name and professor Jung says 'Gu Yong Ha'. The king calls him 'the amusing boy' and says he is precisely the future Joseon and that he trusts them.

YS opens the paper from the envelop and recites the words on it. YHa gives his idea and we see flashback where the king touches YS's dad hands entrusting him his mission. Both SJ and YS are trying to figure out the clue from the paper and suddently they mention the same word and they figure it out to be 'Gum Da' and JS calls out the word 'GDJS' as if he knows all along. YS is surprised that JS knows, both SJ and YHa look at him.

IS tells his dad that JS is the HBS because he found JS's bracelet on the night of the HBS. IS asks his dad to send his soldiers to capture him in SKK, but his dad says they need more solid evident to do that. When his dad walks away, IS still orders the guard to capture JS, his hand is crushing JS's bracelet.

In the secret room, YHa asks JS whether he knows where is the GDJS and if it still exists. JS explains the incident that night 10 years ago and orders SJ to work it out separately. So SJ will be working with YS. YHa asks JS what about him? JS motions that he will be with him and YHa smiles delightfully.

JS and YHa walk together outside in the market. JS starts to tell YHa about how his brother died protecting the GDJS and it's the noron who killed him. He didn't say it before because SJ and YS was with them earlier.

IS brings soldiers to capture JS in the market, accusing him of being the HBS. The soldier shows the drawing of the HBS in black suit with face covered. YHa nonchalantly pushes the picture aside as it can be anyone, the drawing even looks like IS himself.

IS then shows them the bracelet he found that night and he checks JS's empty wrist. JS doesn't have anything to say. YHa shows the wrist of a soldier and himself wearing the same kind of bracelets and laughs off that anybody could have it. YHa then seizes the bracelet from IS's hand saying about Daemul. With that IS is stunned silent, both YHa and JS walk off laughing. When they are further away, both look at each other and laugh doing their 'hi five'. YHa gives the bracelet back to JS and says 'I'm Gu Yong Ha'. JS smiles and puts his bracelet back on. He mentions the mission of GDJS.

YS and SJ are still in the secret room together. YS is reading the paper overwhelmed by the mission given by the king. She talks to SJ that this mission of finding the GDJS is too big for her and not sure if she can do it. She has no interest in political or the nation. She can't even guess what her father would be thinking of.

SJ with his back turns to her, listening quietly. He interrupts her confusion by kneeling in front of her and saying that he is here with her, no matter what happens he will always be beside her. He reaches out and covers her hand with his. He goes on that even if they fail at the end, he will be there with her, always. With that YS smiles with relieved and SJ smiles at her.

JS is with professor Jung, he tells JS that the king specifically order him not to act as the HBS anymore from now. JS is surprised that the king knows. Professor Jung tells him that if he were to be captured, even his dad would not be able to help him. JS starts to leave but professor Jung mentions that it's nice to see his brother through his red flyer.

It seems that JS copy his brother hand writing to post his message as the HBS. JS recites his favorite words from his brother's book as the SKK scholar to professor Jung. Even though JS memorizes it nicely, he says he will fail him if he doesn't have enough class attendance. And JS smiles.

SJ and YS are together in the lift, he is trying to pull it to work. The lift shakes but doesn't move properly, YS smiles and teases him how he has never done anything himself. She walks over, puts her hand over his and helps rolling the lifts telling him how to do it. The lift moves violently brings YS into SJ's arm and they stare at each other, moving closer for a kiss. Suddenly the bookshop-man calls out whether they are ok down there. So the couple get interrupted before their lips meet. They both stop and look at each other shyly.

YS and SJ are out on the street, SJ laughs sweetly and brings up about her kiss in the library meaning to tease her. YS hears it, gets riled up at him and walks off. He catches her in SKK, puts his hand on her shoulder to stop her and they are bantering like lovely couple, JS happens to walk by and stops to look at them. He begins to think that may be SJ know YS is a girl.

In the library, YS is looking at a book on the shelf and she finds a note sticked inside. It reads 'If you laugh once, you are younger by one year, and if you're mad once, you gain an wrinkle. It was a joke, please be angry no more' It turns out to be SJ's mischievous letter, YS smiles happily.

Then she goes to the next book, the next note recites the teaching from the Analects of Confucius about not to limit yourself what you can achieve and to give up something half way is not what a Confucius scholar should do....Are you really so unaware of my heart?' She smiles happily and looks back at SJ, he steals his glaces among the students and smiles shyly.

She goes on to the next book but the soron senior picks it up before her. SJ ,with horror, runs to seize the book out of his hand immediately. YS smiles covering her face with the book. The senior is a bit angry and doesn't let go of the book easily. SJ keeps begging and apologizing until he lets go and berates him not to do it again. He takes another book and leaves. YS laughs out, SJ sighs with relief.

SJ smiles to YS sweetly and puts the last note in her hand and walks off shyly. She opens the note. There is only one character in there read (with SJ's voice-over) 'I love you'

YHa is doing his own investigation at the police station. He is searching for the document while he allows the other officers to enjoy their drinking on duty. He rolls out the document and we see flashback with YHa voice-over, that night 10 years ago, lots of people were walking in the dark night, everybody lined up to pass the security check point and each of them needed to show their name's tag, including YS'dad and JS's brother. Then we see money exchanged as a bribe.

YHa finds the record book, walks over to the officers, asks them for the person who was in charge that night. They ask why they need to tell him so YHa shows his secret investigation badge. All officers are on alert but seem reluctant to tell him.

At the gambling place, YHa is observing one particular officer (the same officer in earlier episode when the J-4 acted as the police-interns) who is gambling joyfully. He makes deal with the gisaeng at the place to have an eye on him and then trade his ring with more information on him.

YHa is called out loudly by his father at the place and his dad chases him out at home. His dad gives out lots of money to him and orders him to stay away from the other three, the noron, soron and the namin (read: SJ,JS,YS). YHa leaves his house with the IS's lackeys spying at him.

YHa is drinking with JS, still upset with his dad. He asks JS about the mission and that he trusts him more than the king. Then there are people walking by chanting, suddenly it hits JS that the place he should search for the clue is his own home. He slips into his house searching all the cabinets. He finds the record book which records his brother's case with the investigation telling the connection of SJ's dad and IS's dad to the incident. He was taken by surprise that his father has kept this document with him and knew this all along.

JS'dad comes behind him and asks what is he doing? JS is alarmed, drops the book on the floor. He asks his dad why this book is here? His dad says that he too wants to know what happen to his son. He asks JS whether he will be able to forgive the persons behind this, he tells him it's IS's dad and SJ's dad. He asks JS not to interfere with it anymore. JS leaves his house in daze recalling all the harsh words he said to his father.

SJ and YS are together in their room reading, lots of books are around them. YS speaks her opinion, SJ looks at her. He reaches out to touch her hand, she suddenly thinks of something and takes her hand away to pick another book besides her.

SJ gets up, pushes himself forward and again reaches his hand out further to touch her hand. He touches hers then she moves her hand back onto the table. SJ sits back, still looking at her, he then reaches out again for her hand. He covers her hand with his, looking at her. YS nonchalantly smiles at him. He starts retreating his hand, YS catches his hand halfway and squeeze his hand tightly saying 'Is it ok now?' SJ then grasps her hand fully in his and keep smiling. He doesn't let go of her hand, keep her hand in his all the time. YS smiles at his behavior.

JS walks back to the room, he sees the light coming out and the shadow of SJ and YS sit together at the table talking. He stands there listening, picks up his liquor, shoves it to his mouth. He looks back to them and walks off to sit on the tree drinking by himself.

SJ is still holding YS hand. No matter what she's doing or saying, he just keeps holding her hand and looking at her all the time. YS notices he is not listening to her at all. He seems concentrate only looking at her. YS asks if he listens to her, he smiles. Then he closes his book, keep holding her hand. It seems his book is upside down.

IS'dad is talking with SJ's dad. The officer (YHa suspected) asks for their permission to come in. Once he is in front of them, SJ's dad asks 'Who are you?' He answers that he is the one the in charge that night 10 years ago taking care of YS's dad and JS's brother. IS's dad scolds at him, SJ's dad seems loss on this.

The officer starts telling SJ's dad the whole incident that night. SJ's dad asks what does he want calmly. He asks him for the bribe , SJ's dad smiles coldly. The officer goes on with his demand, IS'dad is very angry but looks back at the officer suspiciously. Both dad walk out, SJ's dad warns IS's dad to be careful when mentioning the GDJS.

SJ and YS are in the room sleeping, their heads are resting on the table with all the books. Their hand are still joining. SJ sirs awake first, he looks at her face and reaches out his other hand to touch her face lovingly and covers her other hand with his.

SJ walks to JS in the library, he asks JS his opinion, he retorts that isn't he the winner of the competition. SJ tries asking him again about the GDJS, JS doesn't answer and walk away. SJ looks at him, he notices something strange about JS.

JS walks outside, YS calls out for him holding his hand and asking him why he's not coming back last night. She asks if he's doing fine with the work he's been doing. He just pats her shoulder and walks on leaving her behind.

The SKK threesome is hiding out from their class chatting. The chancellor yells at them and pokes their heads for jumping class. He is chanting his praises for SJ that he never behaves such thing. He asks them if they ever see SJ doing that? They all answer 'yes' and point their fingers for him to see. SJ and YS are walking out of SKK in their casual attires together.

It looks like they are on a date. SJ smiles at her. They walk into the market together, she asks him to stop to buy candy sticks, She buys two and he pays for it. She hands out one to him, he refuses not used to his kind of sweet. She makes face to him and walks ahead, he catches up with her and takes one stick from her hand, tastes it and smiles at her. She then smiles back happily.

YHa is with the gisaeng giving her gift, she tells him the officer name and his information.

SJ asks YS to go wait for him at the bookshop, he needs to do something first. So YS walks into the bookshop alone. HE is there looking at the book, she looks up to see YS. YS bows to her politely, HE bows back and walks to YS, asking YS about SJ. She starts telling her feeling, YS tries to walk away. HE stops her and she asks YS ,because she is his roommate, can she help her to have SJ's heart. YS starts to refuse but HE keeps begging and begging, YS doesn't know how to answer.

SJ is now wearing a couple ring on his finger, holding a small purse in his hand, walks into the bookshop. He faces with HE in front of him and YS is further behind HE. HE, upon seeing SJ, is happy and start trying to talk to SJ about them. YS ,feeling awkward, she makes her excuse to leave. On her way out, passing SJ, SJ catches her hand tightly not letting her go.

SJ turns to HE and comes out with the truth. He tells her that between them are never going to happen that he already has someone else in his heart, and he apologizes to her. YS looks at HE regretfully.

With that, he grasps YS by her hand and drags her out. SJ holds her hand, they walk together into the crowd, out of sight. HE and her servant look at them, they both are stunned with SJ's possessiveness of YS.

SJ drags YS to the quiet street, asking her why she would leave him alone with HE. YS tells him that she doesn't deserve him, and it's not right for her to even think of marrying him. He encourages her to start thinking now because he has been thinking about that until his head hurt. She says she likes him but can't help feeling sad. SJ then grasps her in her arm for a hug.

They look at each other. YS closes her eyes, SJ moves closer to kiss her then he gets stuck with his hat. So he perks up,changes his angle moves down again for another kiss, he gets stuck by their hats again. He tries twice then YS laughs out. He laughs too. YS tells him they should be on their way their seniors will be waiting. She reaches her hand out to him. He grasps hers and they head back.

JS is talking with YHa in the secret room. YHa asks JS who is the mastermind behind that night?

SJ and YS are in the lift together, trying to come down to the room. SJ takes out the ring and puts it on her finger proposing to her that he wants to share his life with her and be with her everyday. YS smiles accepting his proposal.

SJ tries to move the lift down, its sudden movement makes YS hold on to SJ in a hug. He looks at her closeness, he slowly loosen the tie of her hat and takes it away from her face. He starts loosen his hat and moves it away. He looks down at her, YS closes her eyes. He moves down for her lips and they kiss.

SJ looks at her and smiles, he holds her hand with the ring in his/her fingers, she smiles at him.

Then YHa's voice is coming out from the room, he mentions SJ's dad name. SJ and YS turn to look at each other.

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