SKKS ep 14 review

YS sees HBS's face and knows that JS is the HBS.
IS knows that HBS is in SKK, so he and his friends are searching for the HBS in SKK area.

SJ is still running to find YS, he looks for her everywhere. Then he sees YS from afar, YS is using the broomstick brushing the ground area to eliminate the HBS's traces, when she finishes she runs back to the incense hall where the injured JS is lying. SJ looks at her strange moves and follows.

In the incense hall, YS wants to check out JS's wound but JS asks her to leave for she will get into trouble. But YS insists she will stay and open JS's shirt to see his wound. His wound seems severe, YS gets so pale and feels sad for JS. JS tries to cheer her up that he is ok. YS tears a long piece of her clothes and wraps it around his waist. To do that, YS has to put her arms around JS to wrap the cloth around the wound. Sharp pain shoots through JS so he automatically sits up thus moving closer to YS.

SJ is hiding behind the stack and peeks through. From where he is, he sees as if YS is hugging JS in an intimate way, he is so surprised and shocked at the sight of them. SJ walks quickly out from the hall confusing. Other students walk by and see SJ standing there alone so they call out to him but SJ only looks at them and walks away. The students wonder about his strange behavior to be around this area at this hour.

IS and his friend are still searching the area, and one of his friend mentions the incense hall. So they take off to the place.

At the incense hall, YS is searching for medicines, she turns around to find YHa beside her. He brings a man with him but put a piece of cloth around his eyes so he couldn't see.
YS surprises to know that YHa also knows about this. So they all get on to help JS.

IS and his friend see a man walking out of the incense hall, so they all question him. IS and his friend then burst into the hall and look around inside, they find a fan on the ground and recognize it right away that it's Yeo Rim's fan. So they are thinking whether YHa is a HBS. They leave the hall to question the same man again.

IS and friends come to YHa's room. YHa is relaxing down reading his book. IS tells him tonight the HBS is in SKK. YHa sees something showing out from the wooden divider behind him and tries to cover it with his foot. He uses his foot to kick it back in place and stands up facing IS, using himself as a cover.

IS starts questioning YHa about his whereabouts telling him that he has found his fan in the incense hall. Upon hearing this, YHa pretends to have abdominal pain and bents his body down crying. IS ,knowing that the HBS is injured, flips YHa's cloth to check for the wound, but find only his bare skin. YHa laughs at IS and asks if he thinks he is HBS. YHa laughs it out and takes his fan back, also gives them his excuses so IS and friends have to leave his room.

IS and his friends come to YS's room and opens the door to find nobody inside. He thinks back that may be YHa is hiding something behind that wooden divider and about to go back. The professor comes and asks what are they doing at this hour, IS tells him that he is trying to find the HBS. However, professor Jung also shows up and disagrees with what he is doing. IS tells them about his suspicious.

Both of the professors, IS and friends along with the SKK officials come to YHa's room and search behind the wooden divider, only to find his inappropriate books. The professors don't agree with IS even though he is the head of the student council. And they all leave the room.

After everybody is gone, YHa opens the big cloth next to the wall. JS is lying down on YS's lap hiding. They bring JS to lie down properly. JS and YHa are bantering out their friendship and YHa is happy that he is still alive. Feeling touch, YHa holds JS's hand dearly to his face saying he likes this. YHa turns to YS and seriously telling her not to tell anyone including SJ and she agrees.

SJ is alone in his room drinking trying to get the grasp of what he saw earlier. IS is also in his room with his friend drinking out his anger and frustration that he cannot capture the HBS, he throws and breaks the glass at wall.

IS's dad is in a secret place talking with the injured CS, the fake HBS. CS reminds him to keep his promise of what she asked of him.

IS's dad is talking with SJ's dad. SJ's dad calculates his next move carefully because the HBS is a SKK student.

Professor Jung gives the king a piece of drawings. The king is smoking and his hand is shaking a little too. This caught professor Jung attention so he checks out the herb used for the king's smoke and surprised. It seems the king has taken ill which worries him. Professor Jung asks the king for his wish as a promise, the king agrees.

JS wakes up and finds YS is sleeping by his side (Yha is further down his legs). JS looks at YS lovingly. YS stirs so he looks away. YS wakes up, putting her hand on his forehead to check for his temperature. Then she gets up and walks out of the room. JS smiles happily.

YS comes back to her room and sees SJ's shoes indicated that he is inside. SJ wakes up to find himself in his own drunken habit. His outer clothes are scattering around the room. He adjusts his cloth and looking around the room. YS reluctantly enters the room and sees his stage, so she help picking things but SJ snatches it away from her hand. SJ stands up trying to avoid her so she tells him she understand what he wants and she will make up her mind for it so he doesn't have to keep avoiding her.

YS opens the door out to find SJ's servant is outside waiting. He tells her about SJ's wedding arrangement, YS walks away feeling sad. SJ comes out and speaks to his servant. He lets out that the problem is not YS but his own heart.

YS is in the library, searching for the book. JS shows up next to her. She is surprised and asks him about his condition. There are men carrying loads of books coming her way so JS pulls her to him for a hug to avoid them. Other students see they are hugging, they all stop and look. JS ,not knowing he has caused a scene, letting her go but YS loudly asking him again so he has to pull her back again tightly for another hug and whisper in her ear to be careful of what she is saying. She understands right away.

Lots of students are there to witness, so the talk start to circle around SKK about JS and YS being lovers, also their being together in the incense hall with SJ knowing.

SJ, IS and YHa also learn about this rumor because students keep talking about it where ever they go. All the professors get to know about this and all are worry.

JS and YS finally learn about this rumor. IS and lots of students come to the head of SKK ask to bring this matter to the student council for further investigation. The announcement is put up on the board for the up coming trial regarding JS and YS being lovers.

YS sees the announcement dropping the book from her hand frighteningly , SJ looks at YS with concern.

JS is angry with IS , grasps his collar and tries to punch his face. IS's friend stops him. IS asks if they are innocent then why they are at the incense hall that night, JS doesn't answer him.

YS is in the library with SJ, she asks if SJ saw her at the incense hall that night, she asks him if he thinks she like to have men as lover, she tells him that it is impossible. This somehow hurtfully stirs SJ about his own feeling. IS comes by and tells them he will bring SJ to the witness stand since that night he was there and he also is their roommates. SJ keeps quiet but thinking carefully.

YHa comes to talk it out with IS. YHa claps his hand admiring IS's move to bring SJ as the witness. IS tells YHa what is the reason for JS and YS to be at the incense hall that night if they are innocent or is it something about the HBS. IS says they will have to choose. YHa listens to IS and realizes this matter is more serious than he thought.

JS keeps tearing down paper which making fun of him and YS, he faces with SJ on his way. JS asks SJ for YS and tells him he is worry about her. SJ get so pissed at JS, if he is really worry and care for her, this should not happen. Lot of words from SJ, stun JS into silent and SJ walks away.

Professor Jung is talking with YS, how can this happen and asking her for the truth. But YS has to keep her promise and telling him she cannot talk about it. Professor Jung is worry.

YS comes back to her room and hears JS and YHa are arguing inside. YHa doesn't want JS to confess that he is the HBS. He asks JS about YS. YS is surprised by his answer and walks away from there.

As SJ will be the important witness, head of SKK is trying to talk with SJ to help saving the face of SKK, holding SJ's hands begging him.

YS is standing among the students, they are throwing and booing at her. SJ passes by seeing this and almost walks away, but he turns back using his arm to shield her from other students, puts his arm around her shoulder leading her out of the crowd. JS shows up nearby and looks at them.

SJ takes YS away and talks with her privately. YS apologizes to him and insists that she is innocent, that there is nothing between her and JS. So SJ asks about that night in the incense hall. YS cannot tell him, she touches his arm and asks him to believe in her. SJ asks her if she really cares for JS that much. YS begs SJ to help her this once. SJ is getting angry at her, how much he has to do for her. He lets out his frustration and leaves.

SJ stops on his way , standing alone and thinking carefully.

JS walks in among the students who bullying YS earlier, he locks his arm around one of the student's neck, threatening all of them to stop what they are doing to YS. All of them stand in silent.

YHa is trying to help JS/YS by treating all the students with the wines at the bar lobbying them to believe that YS and JS are innocent. However,IS's friends walk in and ruin his words. They believe this time JS and YS will not be able to get away. YHa listens solemnly.

SJ is going out of SKK today and the official asks him, he answers him (he's going back for his wedding arrangement). YS hears this and walks away.

YS is sitting and reading alone. JS comes and sits down in front of her talking. YS smiles.
Then JS brings YS up on the tree with him, they are standing together looking down on the scenery. YS asks JS why he is HBS, he starts telling her his reasons and about his brother, he also apologizes to her.

SJ visits IS's dad and pays him respect as future in-law. IS's dad is happy.
SJ walks out with HE and their servants. It's only HE do the talking, SJ only keeps quiet. HE tries putting her hand around SJ's arm, SJ cringes and politely takes his arm away, and says he's sorry.

SJ is back at his house talking with his dad. His dad seems happy with him. SJ tells his dad that he plans to leave SKK, his dad is taken aback but after listens to SJ, he agrees. SJ walks back to SKK alone.

The trial day, IS presides as the head of the student council, all students are sitting around at the tables. YS and JS are sitting in the middle. IS begins his interrogation, YS insists that she is innocent. SJ is asked to come out and sit in the middle as the witness.

IS asks SJ whether he saw JS and YS at the incense hall that night. SJ goes straight to the point that he is the one who likes men(as a lover). IS listens to SJ, not sure if he hears it right, asks him again. SJ answers again that he himself is the one who likes men(as a lover). His answer leaves JS, YHa , YS and all the students in the room stunning.

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