Senin, 14 November 2011

Should I say good bye ?

Yups.. I wanna give up about him. I have crushed him over ten years. That's enough. I felt tired. And I thought he also felt tired. I don't want he hate me and think i'm so annoying. Let's stop it.
I'll try harder than before because for this time i will not hide, not go from here. I have to meet him at least three times in a week. I have to control myself my desire to talk with him, my will to near beside him. Just get apart from him.
It's over now even though both of us never started officially before. Maybe my feeling for him, that's only my illusion

Goodbye, my almost lover

Goodbye, my hopeless dream

Goodbye, my first love

From this point, i'll start my new life. My turn out point. Just sweap you away from my heart. I know that's not easy matter. It never will be done in one day or one month or maybe in one year. But I'll keep try

I'll focus to my mom and my lil bro. Focus to my work. God has given the best job for me, He has let me to reach daddy's dream

Behind thunder, always will appear beautiful rainbow

I believe in God. Always keep the faith

If I'm not with you, that means you're not the best for me. God knows the best for me. But if we'll be end up together, so you're my fate my the one and only destiny, you're the best one for me.

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