SKKS - SJ & JS fanmade couple

Yups, lucu banget yah..padahalkan di ceritanya JS dan SJ jadi rival dalam merebut cintanya YHee...Nah, yang buat ini SilkyUnterhose

Yah, aku dapat dari soompi awalnya.. natali@soompi, thanks...

SJ: At first I did not want to waste... your talent...
Then I needed you.
If I made a friend, I thought it would have been nice
had it been you.
I just didn't know how. Since it was my first time.
I am sorry. I am sorry, Kim Yoon Shik.
YH: You are such a moron. Do you know how much I've
tried? Tried hard to convince my heart otherwise?
Really... really...

SJ: It was all my fault. Please don't cry anymore.


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