Fanmade So Ji Sub-Im Soo Jung // Yoo Seung Ho-Park Jiyeon

Cuman baru jalan-jalan di youtube, dan aku menemukan satu video fanmade yang keren, makanya aku download dan re-upload di blog ini. Tapi tanpa mengurangi rasa hormat atas kerja keras yang membuat video, aku akan tetap menyatakan bahwa video ini credit to TsunaKimchi@youtube. Ini dia videonya :

Dan ceritanya adalah :

So Ji Sub knows Im Soo Jung since childhood, they knew each other since an unfortunate piggyback at Im's house. They become friends and slowly love grow between the children .

Some years after, going to middle together things that were fine -they were nearly a lovey dovey couple- start to get complicated. Many misunderstandings stop their love , first Chan Doo the cool guy of the class is a little too close to Soo Jung for Ji Sub. Chan Doo gives her gifts and she accepts them happily making Ji Sub jealous, but she don't understand how it hurt him, for her its only a gift from a friend.
He kinda avenge himself by being kind to every girls and playing with Go Ah Sung , scene which Soo Jung witness and misundestand. As she let Chan Doo stay too close to her , Ji Sub become colder to her , despite her efforts to have the things be as they were before with him, he rejects her and changes quickly... In high school, when a girl declare herself to Ji Sub and kiss him suddenly without his will, Su Jung sees only the kiss and feel thats its really over between them...but At the cafe she still try to be kind , still, Ji Sub yells at her and suggest to stop this show. She left heartbrocken. He was her world, everything to her . Ji Sub remembers they past happiness and wakes up, but its too late, she tries to suicide . At the hospital he is full of sorrow and leave her , feeling he only brough her misfortune.

But by a comical twist of fates, they meet again but she doesnt reconize him.. He goes back to their middle school and feel as if his old self would have laughed at him seeing how miserable he is now.
Their path cross again when he have to be the driver of Chan Doo's van! Because Chan Doo became a famous idol & Su Jung his make up lady. There's tension betwen Ji sub & her , they keep hurting each other and 'still coming back for more' -like in the song- slowly she have doubts, he makes her think too much of her first love ;) while Ji sub meets with Chan doo who knows everything . He believes things will happen twice and he will only make her suffer,so one day Ji sub leave, this very day she discover an old photo of him piggybacking her and finally found out the truth!But its too late, he dies.


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