Senin, 31 Oktober 2011

what should I do?

What should I do?
I just think about you 24/7
Fool me...
I'm really really big fool
You never care about me
But I always wonder about you
What are you doing ?
Who are you thinking about ?
I wonder
Are you thinking about me ?

Why should be you ?
Why should be only you ?
I wanna erase you from my memory
But I can't..
Should I get amnesia?
I wanna back to my beginning point without you

5 years ago I have felt this
Day by day I tried hard to arrange my heart
I thought I have successed
But you ruined that
Suddenly you came
You said that you loved me
You said that you need me
You said that you want me beside you
I was so happy to hear that

But when I came back
What have you done ?
You just asked me to not wait you anymore
You asked me to forget you
How could you be so mean ?
How could it be easy matter to me ?

I hate you..
Because of you, I'll not believe in love anymore
I'll never love another man anymore
Hard to me to trust another man anymore
Just because of you
Who have hurt me twice

You said that you left me because you didn't want to hurt me
But when you had chit chat with other girls, that really hurts me
You ignore me
You act like I'm not there around you
Are you realize that really hurts me ?

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