Minggu, 23 Oktober 2011

Goodbye my 10years one-side love

Finally I've got confession from him. He asked me to didn't wait him anymore. He didn't want to hurt me anymore. So that's okay. He said like that because i asked him to said the truth. Better to me if he explained clear
For right now, I need to re-arrange my heart, my life. Especially after my dad's death. I'velost my dad for forever. I never met him anymore. Never heard his voice anymore. That reality realyhurts me. If I compare with this situation, losing my one side loveis better. I still can meet him. I can still hear his voice. I still can be a lovely sister to him.
As he said, we never know what will be happen in future. If it's destiny, we will be end together. I still believe it because he said that too.
Goodbye my one side love...
Goodbye my almost lover...
Good bye my dream..

Just as you said, i will be better person because you believe i will be. I will get my best job and can graduate my master. You have believed

I never forget you. You always be in my heart. Because you are my first love. Because I have loved yu for 10 years. Because you've been in my heart for 10 years.

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