My Love From Another Star - soon Thai version

Yeah.. Come back wanna to post about this drama again. I remember how cray cray I was that time... I bought original DVD for over 2 millions IDR, my mom was angry that time. Plus I came to Kim Soo Hyun's fanmeeting at Jakarta at 2014, I spend another over 2 millions IDR for that.

Flashback to that memories... And I'm so happy because Thai will make the remake with my favorite actor and actress.

Nadech will be Doo Min Joon, our handsome alien. Then Matt will be Cheon Song Yi, our beautiful super star.

Since they informed about the plan, I was already excited, then jumped 1.000 times more excited when I knew that will be Nadech and Matt. Yeah this will be their first collaboration, but for this time I believe with both of them. Nadech and Matt can act. Really. If you watch all their lakorn, you will understand. Honestly I like Nadech with Yaya and Matt with Great too...

Still dunno the name in Thai, so I will keep the name as original.


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