Do you wanna join to figure out the ending of Hwayugi?

Yeah... I rerun back to watch this drama since episode 1 till episode 6. Too many questions, but actually also potential hints. As you know Hwayugi is one of Hong Sisters's work pieces, if you're fans of them, you will start to learn their uniqueness...

So for now, I wanna share my several potential hints. Hope you can join with me...

(1) Jin Sun Mi will die, sacrifice herself because she is Sam Jang.

(2) Son Oh Gong will die for Jin Sun Mi.

(3) Son Oh Gong will be the one who destroy the world to rescue Jin Sun Mi.

(4) Jin Sun Mi should die to kill Bu Ja who finally turn to be evil spirit. At first, PK brought Bu Ja to ask Sam Jang burnt that zombie before she turned be evil spirit, so it's like time bomb to wait she will start to change, specially she's been almost near the one who killed her.


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