New Begining

Dunno what should I do with my love story. Honestly I still not certain that it is really the right choice. But this is the fact. I don't have time to think about unimportant beside my family. After my father not with us anymore, automatically I became the oldest one in my family, I must take responsibility to my family, to my mom and my little brother.
I have a vision about my brother. I'll make him take his under-graduation title. Make my family name's became good.
I heard "Almost Lover" for several times. And after that, I certain took decision to forget about my 10 years love. He never respect my love, so for what I keep this feeling. I just throw all, throw my stupidness for this 10 years.
I also heard "Back To December". And suddenly I felt guilty about someone who always beside me, the faithful man. I'm so proud, I have him. But if I came back to him, I felt that I'm the cruelest woman.
Really just let time will give me the answer.


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