My Real 1st Salary

Finally yesterday I got my first salary. I'm so happy. I've already told this news to my mom, and also to my uncle, Tulang Yosephine. They sound so proud of me.
Full of today, I just stayed at my room. And then I though about my dad. I remember what I dreamt about my first salary before. And I will do as what I said before.
Then I remember several years ago, when I was in senior high school maybe. My brother and me took dad and mom out, we ate Sate near to our church, to celebrate my parents' wedding anniversary. We're so happy. And I still remember how happy and proud dad was.
I know I can't say this, what if never changes the reality. But if I have a chance, what if dad still here beside me, I wanna see his happy face again, how he will be so proud.
Oh ok, I must stop, if I continue, maybe I just wanna cry. Really, I miss my daddy. But I feel that no one understand what I felt. They always said that I must be stronger, not like this anymore.


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