The Ending of Hwayugi

Yeah after I watched episode 20 streaming, I posted many cursing posts in forum. I was really mad towards Hong Sisters. Why they're so cruel to let Jin Seon Mi died like that? Why they didn't pity Jin Seon Mi character? They made us confuse with Jin Seon Mi - Son Oh Gong as the main story, but still the main story is Son Oh Gong and Ma Wang's journey to found the true light. Yeah you know the main cast in Journey To The West, the demon is character that left alive.

(1) Jin Seon Mi died, as punishment for Son Oh Gong, so he finally felt the greatest pain because he loss his love. Jin Seon Mi's last wish also made Son Oh Gong finally chose to save world that has not Jin Seon Mi anymore, but he still did that. For the 1st intention, Son Oh Gong chose to sacrifice himself to become cool in front of Jin Seon Mi.

Son Oh Gong : "Jin Seon Mi, the world is same as before, but this world not have you anymore."

Maybe if he want, he will let the world where's Jin Seon Mi died destroyed. But because Jin Seon Mi's last wish was to continue what she should do, to save the world.

(2) Mawang with his love to his wife and his son, try his best to become deity. He also admit that he felt lonely without his frenemy, Son Oh Gong. In the end episode 20, he also saw Jin Seon Mi's care to her assistant, and made him cried, yeah but he never admitted.

(3) PK finally realized bromance's love from 2nd Dragon Prince who sacrifice himself. 2nd Dragon Prince was such a loyal person for PK, he (in Alice's body) always accompanied him, specially when PK did bad and stupid things because Ahn San Nyeo used him with Buja's face. Pitty for PK, because he not only loss 2nd Dragon Prince, but also Buja. He willingly did many dangerous and stupid things for Ahn San Nyeo in Buja's body, but in the end he should burn that Buja's body himself. Eventhough he ever tried to persue her become good one.

(4) Winter General should loss his precious little sister, Summer Fairy. Same like PK, Ahn San Nyeo used him too. He betrayed Son Oh Gong. But in the end, Summer Fairy asked him to repent and help Son Oh Gong to bring back Jin Seon Mi.


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