Back here after hiatus

Yeah.. My first post in 2016. I have been so long not visited this blog after I sold my Ipad. Hehehehehehehe... Yeah in the past, I often used my Ipad to write here. So here I am, in November 2016. As I remember my last posting in June last year.
I have many stories. Include my vacation to South Korea. That's such an amazing and awesome trip indeed. I really wanna back there again, specially for now I really really fall in love with Lee Joon Gi. Yeah, Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Goryeo just finished last week and I am still on denial withdrawal mood. Hahahahahahahahaha, pardon me...
But Deasy, my friend suggested me to visit another country next year. Dunno why I think about Israel. I wanna go there with mom and Samuel soon.


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